Museum of Ennui/Husavik Museum/Iceland Summer 2017

Museum of Ennui/Husavik

Contributors visual, audio and literary artworks to the Museum of Ennui/Husavik:

Interview: Anna Amethyst, Ki, Marina Rees, Richard Germain.

Visual Arts: Cynthia Minet, Janet Jenkins, Joan Valencia, Maggie Tennesen Lowe, Ryan Hill, Sally O’Reilly, Sara Jane Boyers, Víðir Björnsson.

Sound works and photography:  Martin Cox

Steffanie Lorig

I came across Steffanie Lorig’s painting  online while searching for ideas about the possible shape of ennui, reproduced here with permission of the artist – Martin Cox

The Shape of Ennui

The Shape of Ennui Size (h w d): 20 x 14.5 in
Medium: Mixed Media
Subject Matter: Human

I began a social enterprise years ago but found that after two decades, the patterns of the business—rather than exciting me as they once did—left me feeling numb. I knew it was time to make my exit and find renewed passion. This mixed media painting came about as I was examining the internal conflict that was beginning to grow. – Steffanie Lorig