Gary Edward Jones: Museum of Ennui at ShoeBoxProjects

30                 Gary Edward Jones

Presently writing a novel about a woman in the midst of a love affair with the ghost of her dead husband throughout the near-40-year fascist dictatorship of Francisco Franco, Gary Jones is a screenwriter currently living in Los Angeles.

At first, I considered “ennui” as a state that one acquires as a result of one stepping into it by accident. Or that ennui came on a person like an unexpected medical condition. Or that ennui rose up like a wave to overtake a body that was completely unaware. Then I stumbled upon a description of ennui as being an attitude that is “taken on” by an individual. To me, the word “ennui” now had power.

Now, when I hear that a person is “suffering from a state of ennui,” I immediately begin to look up the individual as an active and willing participant. Even though one might consider themselves as weary and retiring from the current state of affairs, that position, in and of itself, is active and participatory, and therefore as powerful as a gun.