Sara Jane Boyers: Museum of Ennui at ShoeBoxProjects

28  Sara Jane Boyers

There are so many directions to go with ennui – ironically interesting as a topic if not as a description.  A writer as well as a photographer, I enjoyed so much exploring the literary word itself with only a couple of still images that, while depicting ennui, at the same time examine the complexity of “simple.”

After successful careers in music and publishing, Boyers turned to a serious focus on her fine art photography. With a painterly perspective, she isolates significant detail from her subjects, searching for presence and meaning. Her work is in public & private collections and exhibited worldwide. She is presently completing two long-term projects  – FINDING CHINATOWN: AN AMERICAN STORY and DETROIT:DEFINITION, exploring the city of her birth (a photo from which was included in the Venice Biennale2016). In addition to her  photography, Boyers has recently returned to the world of children’s books – her first book, LIFE DOESN’T FRIGHTEN ME, was just released in an updated 25th Anniversary Edition – to explore her visual and literary experience with a series of illustrated book projects, now incorporating her photography.