Ryan Hill: Museum of Ennui at ShoeBoxProjects


31               Ryan Hill

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ryan Hill received a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, an M.A. in film history and theory from UCLA, and an M.F.A in studio art from California Institute of the Arts. His early projects were interdisciplinary, site-specific installations and collaborative performances in nonprofit, academic, and museum venues. His recent works on paper and drawing installations are represented by Civilian Art Projects in Washington, DC. His video projections have been shown abroad as part of art and music events.

Essay on Ryan’s work by Pablo Helguera can be found on the Civilian Art Projects website: civilianartprojects.com/exhibitions/mustgo/essay.html

“Empty Privilege” (Image description: display window couple, display window woman, and tiny vanity mirror)

“I had a hunger for things I knew realistically I didn’t actually care for.”

– Tama Janowitz

“But real adults – people who are masters of their own lives – are in fact nowhere to be found. And the youthful transformation of what exists is in no way characteristic of those who are now young: it is present solely in the economic system, in the dynamism of capitalism. It is things that rule and that are young, vying with each other and constantly replacing each other.” 

– Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

“All it comes down to is this: I feel like shit, but look great.”

– Brett Easton Ellis