Röðull Reyr Kárason: Museum of Ennui at ShoeBoxProjects

from series Sloj, by Röðull Reyr Kárason 2018

32        Röðull Reyr Kárason instagram: @rollipu


All the photos are taken in area of my hometown, Húsavík and most of them are shot on my daily trip to my former workplace at the Húsavík Airport. The photos are really a snapshot, taken by mobile phone and then transported through instagram where I alter them with the “effect” available in Instagram and I publish them on Instagram. Some might say that the I break all the rules “in the book”.  The whole process takes few minutes.  I guess there is no surprise that nature, light and weather conditions are something that influence these photos considering that I live in Iceland where everyday ever changing weather conditions change the mood of  the light, therefore the nature. These photos are moments, shot in the moment when I glimpse something. Something that is changing.  (There is no exact word in Icelandic that represent the word “ennui” – and the word “sloj” means more and less – feeling sick / not feeling ok – but are also used when someone doesn’t want to admit how sick he is or he is not feeling ok, like suffering from hangover after hard drinking nights. Also someone would say he or she is not up for it.) 

Series of six prints from Sloj by Röðull Reyr Kárason in Museum of Ennui 2018

Born 1978 and raised in Húsavík, small village in northeast Iceland. Lived in Reykjavík, Iceland for ten years and last eight years in my hometown, father of two boys and married. Work as Local Service Representative in the municipality of Norðurþing, Húsavík.  Iceland Academy of Arts- BA Fine Art 2001 – 2004  Iceland Academy of Arts- BA  Architecture 2007 – 2010

An installation shot inside Museum of Ennui at ShoeBox Projects

Opened March 17, 2018 the Museum of Ennui was ready for its first visitor.

Works by a variety of artists from many countries are on display in the one person at a time museum. Artists include:

Anna Amethyst, Cynthia Minet, Douglas Hill, Gary Edward Jones, Jessie Rose Vala, Julie Murray, Katrina Alexy, Kim Abeles, Kirthana Devdas, Kristine Schomaker, Maggie Lowe Tennesen, Marina Rees, Martin Cox, Nataliya Petkova, Röðull Reyr Kárason, Rose Portillo, Ryan Hill, Sally O’Reilly, Sara Jane Boyers, Scott MacLeod, and Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir.

Museum of Ennui/Husavik Museum/Iceland Summer 2017

Museum of Ennui/Husavik

Contributors visual, audio and literary artworks to the Museum of Ennui/Husavik:

Interview: Anna Amethyst, Ki, Marina Rees, Richard Germain.

Visual Arts: Cynthia Minet, Janet Jenkins, Joan Valencia, Maggie Tennesen Lowe, Ryan Hill, Sally O’Reilly, Sara Jane Boyers, Víðir Björnsson.

Sound works and photography:  Martin Cox